“You fall in love with your Heart. You fall out of love, with your Head”. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

The Vivaan is a vast expanse of property in the Heart of Jageshwar.

Retreat-ish. Quiet. Immense. Delightful, Meditative.

A few days here mean hearing the dense silence of the Jungle in the haunting night, and the cheerful sparkle of the

morning Sun, as it envelopes the whole cascading property.

5-6 rooms and cottages are available here. Spartan, Beautifully sparse and affordable for the kind of space you are in!

More suited for people who like to be in very contemplative atmospheres, and do not need dollops of luxury, but

that simple yet beautiful room, complete with bathroom, and your own verandah!

Join us here either for your own little “Me” time; with family’ or send us a request for

a short 2-3 day tour of the area. Jageshwar is well-known for ancient Shiva temples. Beautifully made, primordial and raw.

Sunset at Vivaan!

Sunset at Vivaan!

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