Dawn at Kasar Devi, Kumaon Himalayas, 2018.

Dawn at Kasar Devi, Kumaon Himalayas, 2018.

The Himalayan Spirit and Devotion Tour 




2 weeks of deep immersion into the ancient spirit of India, Where you find yourself anew. A very well-rounded tour, that will show you the India that mystifies you, and longs for you to come.



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Dive deep into the heart of India’s spiritual light and wisdom, into its very fire of transformation with this incredible and power–packed tour that we lovingly call 'The Himalayan Spirit and Devotion Tour'. A tour that encapsulates many gifts within this fortnight that you will spend with us.

Beautiful Himalayan locations, Ayurvedic talks and personal consultations, ashrams, singing, devotion, karma yoga, fire ceremonies, great food, yoga & meditations, along with some age –old temples , attractions and soothing invigorating Himalayan village life. We will also try to sneak in an Indian head massage session for you along the way, best-made Masala Chais and local Kumaoni food, bonfires and everything that tingles the soul.

The locations chosen on this tour are close to our hearts, and just perfect to induce spaciousness and being.  See many gorgeous sights, revel in ancient knowledge, wake up to pristine mountain beauty, chant, Practice Yoga, Chit-Chatand just feel totally wholesome!

The highpoint for us, is the 3 nights at Babajis mystical ashram, called Haidakhan, breathing in the deep atmosphere that he created when alive, which allows for the practitioner of spirit to touch something very sacred within. To understand the principle of the Avatar, and the Satguru is a very sacred opportunity which you will encounter on this tour!

Understanding in depth some of the different modules of spirituality in incredible places that will touch the flame of your heart, and urge you to shine further and further until you hit your Resplendent Self. 

Delhi- Babajis ashram- Kasar Devi- Sattal- New Delhi.

Ideal for those who like Space, Depth, Easier India, Mountain Village life, looking at Goats! ; Expansiveness and Awe!



Check out some activities and vibes of the tour from these four example days of the itinerary


•Breakfast at the Hotels in-house restaurant.
•Taxi to Humayouns Tomb ( Incredible Mughal monument from 15th century, built by the Emperors wife)
•Visiting Bangla Saahib Gurudwara, Sikh place of worship. The Sikhs are awesome with expressing compassion in Action through Karma Yoga, through Service. Nice soothing devotional songs playing.
•Tuk Tuk (Charming name for Little Indian auto’rickshaws) Yeah, vibe in the experience man!!
•Khan Market (shopping Indian clothes for Babajis ashram. ) & Lunch at Café Turtle. Organic-ish food, books, intellectuals all together!! Bravoo!
•Taxi back to Hotel; pour Siesta or little rest, reading time.
•Taxi to Lodi Gardens (free time to chill, do sport, meditate….) these are exquisite world-class gardens which are 500 years old.
•Dinner. Manjare in Italiano!


DAY 5: BABAJI ASHRAM  (Optional day in Ashram activities )

•4:30 am Chandan. Sandalwood paste gets put on the head, by the local priest. Optional for that time, or later.
•5am Meditation &Fire Dhuni.  OPTIONAL. Super-Inspiring though.
•Morning Worship.
•7:30am Breakfast
•Free time: Sight seeing in Babajis cave, where he appeared in 1970, and where the previous Haidakhan Babaji lived from 1820-1922. The 9 temples across the dry river. Rahul shares plentiful Babaji stories & Philosophy)
•Free time
•Restorative Yoga
•5:45pm Fire ceremony (OPTIONAL)
•6:20pm- 7:45pm Evening worship


This is a day of doing some strong retreat-ish practices. 

•7am – 8:30am Yoga. This morning its light and restorative yoga, since we bring the practice back to the mornings.
•8:45am Breakfast.
•11am – 11:40am Deep witnessing consciousness meditation as taught by Swami Rama or Shamatha Meditation by Rahul. ( Tibetan Buddhist Tradition)
•1pm Lunch
•3pm – 4pm Meditation through movement, acting, creativity, movement, Joy. Using some techniques learnt along the way by Rahul.. Bringing the attention to the Self through different modules. Brings a feeling of Self-Expressione to our guests.
•6pm – 6:40pm Last sitting meditation. Mostly silent and focusing simply on Presence.
•7pm Dinner
•Possible Movie night



•7:30am Start trek to Wish fulfulfilling tree. We walk silently for an hour in the middle.
•9am Stop at temple of Durga for sandwich
•9:45am – 11am Meditation + time at wish fulfilling tree
•5min walking Family home for chai
•11:30 – 12pm Brunch with the family
•1pm Start walking back
•3pm Arrival at hotel
•5pm to 6:30pm Ayurveda satsang
•7pm Ayurvedic dinner



March first week : Already booked with the annual tour from Germany with Prasadini a.ka. Krissy Mayer.

April: Booked.

May 15-25: OPEN.

June 3-13: OPEN.

Full Itinerary

Please contact us using the link below for the full itinerary and any additional information you may require.

Or email us direct:




Rahul Godara and Elisabet Amerissis. Read more about your wonderful hosts here.

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It is said that nothing can be achieved without Knowledge, yet everything can be achieved by having just a pure heart
— Haidakhan Babaji