The  Navratri Himalayan Special




Live up the Stupefying experience of celebrating the Hindu festival Navratri at Babajis ashram and breathe in the spaciousness of the Kumaon Himalayas. Electrify yourself, Purify and jump back to life with extra fervour and delight. PHURO!!!



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This tour cum Retreat is perfect for anyone wanting to have a mix of some serious Shakti!/Divine Energy and yet have a taste of that Himalayan Quiet, Peace and freedom!

The tour starts with three nights of Navratri, a 9 day Hindu Festival, where the feminine aspect of the Divine is worshipped, by invoking a different aspect every day for the nine days. So expect lots of Chanting, Fire Ceremonies, Sandalwood paste on your foreheads, and lots of inspired international devotees! These energizing, Tejasvi days shall be spent at Babajis second ashram, which is in the Ranikhet belt of the Kumaon Himalayas. 

After soaking in this electrifying atmosphere, we travel two hours by taxis to the village of Kasar Devi, where we spend the next three days practicing yoga and meditation, doing a short trek of 3-5 hours to the ‘Wish Fulfilling Tree’, + attending a Kirtan by the local village women, and then onto but an hours drive! Jageshwar, is one of the most dense and mysterious places in the Indian Himalayas! We stay at a beautiful jungle property, where you can connect with your self through silence, nature and a beautiful ambience on the whole, with daily Yoga and Meditation Lessons for Sure.

Your guide Rahul is an accomplished tour and Retreat leader from the last 5-6 years, and has extensive experience in guiding his lovely guests into these moving Retreats, where one gets to get deeper into ones Heart and Self-Knowledge, inspiring oneself to live a life of Strength, Unity and Expression!



•3 nights at Babajis Himalayan ashram in Ranikhet. Chanting, Fire Ceremonies, international gathering, many meals.

•Blissful time at mountain village of Kasar Devi. Full power Kumaoni Village life, trek, bonfires, Jageshwar Temple, Kasar devi temple, homestays.

•Awesome Yoga and meditation sessions by Rahul, along with lots of storytelling, sharing modules of spirituality from all different schools of thought and Kirtan.



Full Itinerary

Please contact us using the link below for the full itinerary and any additional information you may require. 



•3 nights at Babajis Ashram
•3 nights at Kasar Devi village & 2nights at Jageshwar
•2 lunches in Babajis Ashram
•2 local Kumaoni meals at Kasar Devi
•Yoga and Meditation (4-5 Sessions by Rahul) 
•All travels within the tour
•Medium luxury Train from Delhi to the mountains
•Short trek to the Wish-fulfilling tree by mountain guide (4h trek) 
•Singing by women and local children in Kasar Devi (provided if we have more than 5 guests)

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Even in the world, the yogi who faithfully discharges his responsibilities, without personal motive or attachment, treads the sure path of enlightenment.
— Mahavatar Babaji