A place to grow.

Resplendent is a wonderful, light-hearted initiative that wants to get deeper into the Heart of the Universe. Everything else we say here, or that we are doing is coming from this divine inspiration.

Simply said, we want to understand more of the guiding principles of life, of truth and godliness via tours, retreats, working with communities, creativity, blogging, photography, friendship and humanity to uplift our own Soul, to its higher and higher dimensions until its ready to merge with its Supreme Self. Its completeness. Poornam.

Essentially, Resplendent does a few of its signature tours every year in the Indian Himalayas of Kumaon, along with tours, in South India, and soon enough in Nepal and Bhutan. Alongwith the tours, we like to partner with like- minded souls for Retreats in India, Nepal and the West. We wish to shine, just like yourself and blaze in the fire of love and understanding.


Meet Our Team

rahul on tour love keys.jpg

Rahul Godara

Founder & Chief Servant "The Resplendent Soul"

- Heart Journeys within India

Rahul, has been pursuing the spiritual path more sincerely and consciously since 2012, when he met his Guru Amma, and later got introduced to Haidakhan Babaji, who left the body in 1984. He is thoroughly inspired by the message of the Divine,  and especially through the Satgurus, Yogis, the Wise and the Creative ones. Wanting to use those principles in his own life, as well as share them with others, he Founded " Resplendent Soul" a few Winters ago.

Formerly, he has acted as a lead actor in an Off-Broadway production in New York, being featured in the work of world renowned visual artist Shirin Neshat, and also played a Prince for a small Indo-American film. He was also invited by the then Mayor of London,Sir Gavyn Arthur to be a Gap student for a few months at the very prestigious Harrow School, in 2004. Rahul loves to write poetry, shoot portraits of loving scenarios, nature, and people from all over the world, especially the village folk of india. He plays the guitar, speaks little Italian and French.

And, is overall, a good lad, worth spending time with on your journeys in India.

His Instagram blog is followed by Eckhart Tolle, one of the worlds most well loved spiritual teachers at present, a Grammy nominee Jai Uttal, and Stem cell Research Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.


Elisabet Rovira

 Co-Founder and Co-Guide

Hailing from Blanes, Spain, Eli began to spend more and more time in India lately, inspired by her Soul-Lust! She spent more than a decade in the hospitality industry working in luxury and boutique hotels in Spain, Australia and India. She brings her characteristic warmth, joy and qualities of nourishment, & meticulous professionalism for the work RESPLENDENT has to offer. Rahul loves to call her the light-footed queen.

Her journey is taking her more and more towards the ancient traditions of wisdom and compassion. She has also learnt Tarot card reading and enjoys sharing that with people.  Apart from tarot,  Elisabet Garcia also likes to offer ‘angelic healings, Reiki and Singing Bowl Therapy, where participants are treated to an energetic massage via the sounds of the Bowls.  Eli prides herself as a new-born enthusiast of devotional singing.  

Service to Humanity is something that really inspires her. Eli is constantly looking to serve and love more and more, and ¨Resplendent Soul¨ is very glad to have her on Board!