The Inspiration Retreat. 

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There is a time, when having accomplished much, or somewhat bewildered with the pendulam of existence, our soul

seeks its replenishment, invigoration of new ideas, feelings, transformation and mutation.

The Inspirtation Retreat is just for that. It wishes for us to use all of existence to celebrate its very own




Fire Ceremonies, Yoga, Walks in the Himalayan Villages, Meditations, Chanting, Devotions and above all

an inner dialogue with the shrill voice of the Self.

Locazzione: Kasar Devi, Almora District. 8-10 hours from New Delhi India.

When: Lay down the request or wait for us to announce our pre-fixed dates.

“ The Feeling of awe and sense of wonder arises from the recognition of the deep mystery that surrounds us everywhere, and this feeling deepens as our knowledge grows”- Lama Anagarika Govinda


 Breakfast Meals. 

 Yoga sessions.  Inter-meditate style session including work on Pranayamas, Bandhas, Asana. Enough to work out your body, and above all your mind in the most beautiful fashion. 

 Meditation Sessions.  

Visit to the centuries- old Dandeshwar and Jageshwar Temples.

Massage Ayurvedic at Kalmatia, a world-class Luxury Property. 

Walk in the Kasar Devi Village, and get to know all about the various wonderful luminaries who have lived and worked here like Swami Vivekananda, Lama Anagarika Govinda, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens.

Chanting of Mantras and Aarti on a harmonium.

Email us for a detailed ittenary at




Jageshwar. 60 minutes from Kasar Devi. Take an extra day out post retreat and check it out!

Jageshwar. 60 minutes from Kasar Devi. Take an extra day out post retreat and check it out!

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                                                                       Guests of Resplendent Soul from Costa Rica in Vrindavan , 2016.