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The Kumaon Valley Splended Heart Tour.

4 nights of incredible Spiritual Inspiration and Rejuvenation in the lush and Joy inspiring valleys of Kasar Devi in Kumaon. Go back, enlivened from this short detour into the world of spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda and your “ Me time”.


A light Retreat/ Tour designed to make one feel good, and blessed, and learn informally about some of the great wisdom and light passed on by the sages of the Indian tradition.

Where: Kasar Devi ( 9 Hours from Delhi)

Morning Shatbdi: 6 am-11:40 am. Kathgodham. then 3.5 hours via Taxi.

Whats included: 4 nights stay at Kasar jungle Resort. Spacious and Beautiful place. Silent, quiet and inspiring for inner quiet and light!

Breakfast and Dinner.

Taxi Pickup from Kathgodham- Kasar Devi. Shared/ Single Options.

RAHUL TEACHING YOGA at Haidakhan Ashram, Kumaon, North India.

RAHUL TEACHING YOGA at Haidakhan Ashram, Kumaon, North India.

Anandamayee Ma Ashram + Patal Devi + Himadri Hans Handloom.

Bonfires on Two Nights!

Village Walk in Kasar Devi Village.

2-3 Hour Hike to Kalpa-Vriksh Tree.

Visit to Neem Karoli Babas ashram & KakriGhat!

Daily Yoga and Meditation with Rahul. Simple Hatha Yoga, and meditations from the

Tibetan Buddhist Tradition like Shamatha and Simple Refined Sitting Practise.

Ayurvedic abhayanga Massage and Consultation at Kalmatia, a World-Class Ayurvedic Facility.

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MARCH 2019.


for pricing and other enquiries if interested, or proper schedule.

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